Evaluating Customers Satisfaction of Electronic Banking: An Empirical Study in Bangladesh

HE electronic revolution in Bangladesh banking sector is now more noticeable as financial institutions are trying to keep abreast with information, communication and technology. With the intense nature of competitive atmosphere and the globalization of markets, fundamental changes occurred which have forced many companies to rethink and adapt their business strategies to implementing innovative management techniques and constant search for new philosophies to improve their competitive position. Organizations are putting in place strategies that will create, maintain and retain level of satisfaction to their financial products and increase their organization profit. Banks are not left out in these changes occurring. Online banking may be the instigator of this new environment and the prime mover in terms of providing the potential solution for bank‟s survival in the near future [Anyasi & Otubu, 3; Hazlina et al., 8; Musiime, 10] research has proven that, electronic banking services (EBS) are the wave of the future banking by providing enormous benefits to consumers in terms of ease and cost transactions through
online banking [Nsouli & Schaechter, 11; Markku, 2012]. Internet banking is one of the increasingly important businesses in electronic business worldwide. Information technology is becoming an important factor in the future development of financial services industry, especially the banking industry. The banking sector is based on sharing of information, which itself heavily relies on information and communication technology (ICT) in order to acquire, analyze and deliver data to all relevant users. The ICT is crucial not only for information analyzes, but also enables the banking sector to differentiate its offer from competitors and thereby make it a market leader. Like many developed and developing countries, the internet in Bangladesh has witnessed phenomenal countries growth. Although facing many constraints in expanding internet access and use, development of the internet and information technology are high government priorities. In 2013, registered internet banking users in Bangladesh increased to 33 million and the internet banking has a yearly growth rate 25%. Building electronic loyalty in internet banking is important for banks to ensure high rate of customer retention. To retain customers, banks should try to make customers satisfied with

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