Abacus Learning of Higher Arithmetic Operations in Bangladesh: Problems and Prospects

  1. Abstract

ALOHA Bangladesh is still in the early stages of growth and development. ALOHA Bangladesh has been paying an important role in the development of education sector in the country. Aloha Mental Arithmetic is a concept which has been carefully designed into a comprehensive curriculum that has been widely accepted and used in various countries to improve and impact whole brain development especially children. It is a unique curriculum method in Bangladesh. Its main objective is to create awareness of parents of Bangladesh about abacus technique and its unique advantages. So, it is an important to implementing this model and find out its problems and prospects. No doubt our traditional educational system is not at all moderate, where students are failed to achieve optimum output from this system which Abacus Learning of Higher Arithmetic Operations in Bangladesh (ALOHA) Bangladesh is strive to improve the overall personality of a child through the unique methodology of Aloha Mental Arithmetic program and equip the new generation overcome the challenges in today’s competitive environment. The aim of this paper is to provide an overview of ALOHA Bangladesh with a study of problems and prospects.

Key words: ALOHA, Abacus, Mental Arithmetic, Techniques, Creativity.


  1. Introduction

ALOHA Bangladesh is now a global phenomenon. The developed country as a part and parcel of their effort is now using ALOHA. A strong ALOHA study is an important in every country and can have a significant affect in supporting brain development through efficient teaching. The ALOHA Bangladesh has experienced a rapid transformation. Abacus is a tool invented by the SALAMIS. Labeled by Mesopotamiaus, improved as a mathematical tool by the Greek Scholar Tetramachus. The Abacus has been used in China for more than 900 years as a mathematical tool to aid in arithmetic calculation. ALOHA has been established in Bangladesh on March 11, 2006.

The corporation is adopted a realistic business policy framework within which its operation is conducted. The corporation in its operating acts on social obligation as well as commercial consideration with regard to the interest of the students those are school going. The operational policies of the organisation are; to develop and encourage franchise, to spread mental arithmetic around the country and to inspire children and parents to come under the umbrella of ALOHA. The main objectives of ALOHA Bangladesh are; to train and sharpen the child’s mental power especially the right brain, to train the child to attain good habit and positive attitude and to increase child creativity.

The history of abacus learning in the country of Bangladesh is not so far reaching event. After the liberation was in 1971 as the new country education administration has to take many steps in the different sectors. Unfortunately, mental math was completely absent rather than comparing other extracurricular activities. In most cases all the government of the country has tried to develop its educational sector but not eye view in this sector. Recently, the government paid a much concentration to enrich Childs brain development. However, in spite of all harder’s our education has been preceding day-by-day undoubtedly. ALOHA Bangladesh strives to introduce abacus methods throughout the country. But the licking we usually find that should be removed.

We know math is the index of all subject. As a results we see that the use of math has been tremendous in all over the world. On other hand impact of globalization in the cause of the rapid use of innovation all over the world. In this regard, we see that establishment of Abacus institutions are rising day-by-day for the last 7 years. The survey reports tell us that ALOHA’s centers have been established which serving our country for young mind growth. The ALOHA (Abacus Learning of Higher Arithmetic) playing very important role for giving the quality education since 2006. Nevertheless, the costing of these course is lot which are out of boundary of the lower and lower middle class family of our country.

ALOHA School involved in total business motion with a social responsibility. As a result, by giving the quality education have found the huge scope of making revenue. Finally, ALOHA intention is to cover mass levels students in a due course. In this regards many reputed companies are coming to share ideas, financial act to ALOHA to be more active towards the country. At present ALOHA Bangladesh having two products such as ALOHA Senior (age span from 6+ to 14 years) and ALOHA Junior (age span from 4 to 6 years) and it has three techniques; fingering technique, abacus technique and mental technique.

ALOHA system enhances the brain’s memory power by training to use their creative brain to recall complex words, ideas, and details by using various mnemonic tools. Memory power, or commonly known a working memory, is a person’s ability to hold in mind and mentally manipulate information over short periods of time. Most of everyday activities rely on memory power such as following directions from a map, remembering telephone numbers, calculating math problem, and most of all, learning, memory power plays a crucial role in learning especially among children hemispheric functions.

Another important aspect of brain functioning that has implications for cognitive development in lateralization or the specialization of the two hemispheres of the brain functions of Right and Left hemispheres. Functions of Left Hemispheres; logical providing solving, logical and verbal skill analytical reassuring, simplicity, hard sciences, practical interest, problem solving, precision, understanding speech and languages, attitude towards math, long term memory (consolidate process), and Functions of Right Hemispheres; intuition problem, verbal hearing, inventiveness, tolerance ambiguity, non-verbal thinking, creativity and imaging, openness to experience, aesthetic interest, visual spatial information, non- speech sounds such as music and face recognitions, processing of emotional information, recognitions memory for geometric.

Most of the people think that abacus is just for math, but if you’re going to look at the process of solving math problems using the Abacus, you will discover that it is for creativity as well. Traditional math education uses the left side of the brain. ALOHA use an image Abacus when solving math problems with the regular and continual manipulation of the abacus beads, the nerves in the finger relay message to the brain and a virtual abacus in imprinted in the brain. That virtual abacus is what we call image abacus. Image abacus utilizes the creative right brain in fashioning a visual image of the abacus which the logical left brain in manipulating that virtual abacus. The mental arithmetic exercise is a healthy brain stimulate that synchronizes the use of both the left and right side of the brain. It is not merely a toll to improve child s math skills but it challenges the way they think and focus.

ALOHA is one of the very few institutions in the world that provide this unique kind of training program. The benefits go far beyond the ability to perform math and drills help increase cognitive performance including creativity. This paper is aimed at to determine educational prospects of ALOHA and to explain the present scenario of this sector in Bangladesh.

  1. ALOHA’s Contributions


ALOHA is a mental development program based on mental arithmetic system. It starts with the use of an abacus and soon the child learns to do calculations in his mind itself without a physical abacus. This training will enhance a child’s ability to do calculation without the aid of any instrument such as the calculator, abacus etc. The child will be able to calculate with speed and accuracy using his own mental power and can surpass the speed of even a calculator.
The finely structured syllabus is prepared by ALOHA curriculum development department (Malaysia) Children who undergo ALOHA arithmetic training would have several positive benefits. Some of these are:

Greater concentration Improved reading writing and learning skills
Keen Listening skills Better Memory
Better reflexes Sharper observation
Better application skills Self – confidence
Improved analytical skills Better expression
Better creative and imaginative skills Better comprehension and calculation skills

This special ability relies entirely on one’s mental processing skills. The program aims at stimulating the children’s right and left side of the brain, making the whole thinking process mode efficient and effective to produce complete and confident personalities who achieve extraordinary levels in various disciplines. In short a brain gymnasium for the young and growing minds. ALOHA arranges national and international level competition in every year.


  1. Objectives of the Study

The prime objectives of this paper are as follows:

  • To get the full acquaintance of the various level services provided by the ALOHA.
  • To determine the problems of ALOHA Bangladesh.
  • To determine the prospects of ALOHA Bangladesh.
  • To present the possible services rendered by of ALOHA Bangladesh.
  • To suggest measures growth of ALOHA Bangladesh.
  • To make the necessary recommendations to solve the problems of ALOHA Bangladesh.


  1. Methodology of the Study

Methodology can be termed as underlying principles and rules of organization that work at the background of the study. It clarifies the problem involving the research in an ordered and systematic way. The study is descriptive in nature. Data used in this study are collected basically from the secondary sources. For this purpose, informal conversation with the parents, practical work exposures from different desks of the department of the branch, unpublished data received from the branch, annual report and publication, supplied by aloha publication committee, printed forms and documents supplied by aloha, annual report of aloha, different publication and journals, regarding aloha’s activities, newsletter, policies have been discussed. periodicals, newspapers, magazines, and websites have been surveyed.


  1. Scope of the Study

Most of the mathematics that we learn in school in taught to us on paper with the expectation that we will solve problems on paper. But this is a joy and lifelong value in being able to do mathematics in your head quickly and accurately can be empowering. In this course, you will learn to solve many problems using multiple strategies that reinforce number sense, which can be helpful in all mathematics courses. Success at doing mental calculation and estimation can also lead to improvement on several standardized tests. We encounter numbers on a daily basis outside the school, including may situation in which it is just not practical to pull out a calculator from buying groceries to reading the newspaper to negotiating car payments and as we get older, research has shown that it is important to find activities that keep our minds active and sharp. Not only does mental math sharpen the mind but it can also be a lot of fun.

Our first four lectures will focus on the nuts and bolts of mental math: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.  the study was confined only on the Head office and gave more concentration on it. The data comparison was based on published information and an additional survey was performed to get in-depth information, as it was the part of the objective of the report.


  1. Limitations of the Study

In preparation this report the researcher faced some limitations. ALOHA Bangladesh is a unique curriculum method therefore; it is quite difficult to get more information in support on this report. The major limitations are as follows:

  • As members of executive committee were very busy with their own work, they could provide little time.
  • Confidentiality of data was another important barrier that was faced during the conduct of this study.
  • Sufficient books, publications, and figures were not available. If these limitations were not being there, the report would have been more useful.
  • Every organization has their own secrecy that is not revealed to others so collect date is very difficult for me.
  • One of the major sources of collecting information is the organization website, but the website is not up to date comprising with the other organization.


  1. Problems and Prospects

8.1 Introduction

Arithmetic can be approached in many different ways. The main aim of arithmetic is accuracy and fast calculation. ALOHA mental arithmetic is the most efficient approach to effective calculation. Thus it complements and supplements the arithmetic approaches adopted in school.

However, my research findings show that Abacus study not only improves the ability to calculate both on the Abacus and mentally, but also provides a beneficial ripple effect on the other disciplines. The ripple effects of Abacus learning is the first effect is improvement of numerical memory, the second is improvement of memory in spatial arrangement. The third is progress in solving general mathematical memory and spatial orientation. This program comprises of two parts. First part Abacus calculation. The phase of learning in any type of skill can be normally categorized in to three stages, namely cognitive phase, the fixation phase and autonomous phase. In this case the Abacus calculation can be further divided in to the following seven phases. like; cognitive phase, acceptance phase, practice phase, proficient phase, fixation phase, autonomous phase, expression phase.


8.2 Problems of ALOHA Bangladesh

There are some problems arose to introduce Abacus learning in Bangladesh. There are as follows:

8.2.1 National Issues

  • Education System Process: The traditional system of education in our country is not at all satisfactory to meet the optimum outcomes. So, the system has to be moderated in challenging of global perspective


  • Education Curriculum: Our education curriculum does not match typically with international standard level. There has been some lacking for encompasses its package. In order to provide imaginative substance to our kids that our academic materials do not good enough to elevate our future generation.


  • Lack of Infrastructural Facilities: Like regular and stable electricity accessible road are quite hampered in the path of our program.


  • Low Per Capita Income: Poor economic condition is considered to be the main reason for enrollment in Aloha. The country has a very low per capita income and over 50% of our total population lives below in the poverty live.


  • Mass Illiteracy: Mass illiteracy is another factor for enrollment of Aloha that adversely affect the marketing of abacus learning. They cannot think rationality because they do not know what abacus learning and what is important the use of abacus learning for their kids.


  • Traffic Jam: Traffic Jam also a great barrier for the student to learn abacus and mental arithmetic. It is the most irritating problem in Bangladesh communication is an important aspect of our day-to-day life. Student loses their time on their way for nothing. As a result, student pays very dearly for it.


  • Not Favorable Vat Structure: A favorable vat structure is needed for the development of business in a country. Because vat exemption, argument vat policy, vat reduction can help industrialization of a country. So, government should come forward to formulate favorable vat and or tax structure of a country.


  • The Impact of Political Unrest: Education in our country is passing through a stage of crisis. Along with political unrest in the country has become almost of daily affairs. The political stability is needed for conducting any lawful issue and or business perfectly. Because strike, picketing always create negative impact on the operation of Aloha.


  • No System of Logic Development: Our education system works on rote methodology. It tests you for how much you can cram before the examination day and vomit on the examination day. Mathematics does not work that way.


8.2.2 Management Issues

  • Administrative Coordination Problem: Policies and the implementing processes are not materialized simultaneously because lack of administrative communication and coordination with Aloha network partners. This situation result in high business cost and downhearted network partners.


  • Lack of Clear Policy Guideline: Human resource department are not functioning properly. Therefore, many barriers occurred for such clear policy guideline. To provide highest standard performance any organization requires highest degree of performance for obtaining optimum goal and achievement.


  • Franchise Royalty Structure of ALOHA: At present Aloha Bangladesh royalty structure are quite high. The network partners expect to change structure a fair and reasonable franchise royalty system. This also a major barrier to expand more Aloha center nationwide.


  • Lack of an Effective and Efficient Employee: effective and efficient management is probably the most important requisite of a successful business. Because through the management the economic forces are utilized properly and the business organization can achieve predetermined objectives. It is necessary that the success of enterprise is depends on intelligent and enlightened executives or managers.


  • Unfamiliarly with the ALOHA System: The main problem is that despite the growth of Aloha over the last 7 years, many people do not understand what is aloha.


  • Shortage of Skilled Professional: This is of the key problem to find skilled professional like, teacher, administrative staff and others. Mostly they are not capable to generate new ideas. Most of them have no experience and organizational education on modern and competitive act.


  • No Use of Advanced Technology and Media: It is important of using proper advanced technology in upgrading to acceptability of product. In addition Aloha Bangladesh so far not used the media.


  • Lack of Motivational Tolls for Network Partners: Marketing network partners is the alternative blood cell of any organization. In addition, they are the front line of the organization and their main point is to customer (student) satisfaction that can make or break a business. Keeping them happy and motivated its essential to be continued success. Giving reward for any business man keep charged up because they know that the more they sell the more they will make. So, aloha management can efficiently manage and inspire through variety of motivational techniques.

 8.2.3 Parents Issues

  • Parents to Find out Time to Come ALOHA: Mothers are no more only mothers and homemakers. The parents who are engaged in service can’t look after their kids properly. Even they do not have time to drop their kids to aloha center.


  • Negative Attitude towards Aloha methods: Some of the people show negative attitude towards aloha methods without measuring any scale which passes to other people. These wrong attitudes weigh down to the nation as well as our students.


  • Parental Involvement: Lack of parental involvement in student learning reduces the effectiveness of the learning for Aloha methods without reinforcement of the importance of education without the home. Students face additional challenges in completing homework.


  • Preference having an Academic Result: Most of the parents deserve to have their children to get A+ or Golden A+ in their respective academic outcomes therefore; parents do not bother in acumen towards abacus learning and its benefits their children.
  • Lack of Awareness: Awareness also a major problem of learning Aloha techniques in Bangladesh.


8.2.4 Others Issues

  • Fear of Mathematics: Math fear is a global phenomenon. Research shows that more than 85% students fear mathematics. Mathematics is abstract. It does not have a shape. Children cannot see it. They need to visualize properly for solving a mathematical problem. Visualized comes from the experience and relating mathematics with it require a very strong trainer. This is also a great barrier for keeping student in Aloha.


  • Academic Background of a Teacher: the teachers teaching mathematics does not enjoy mathematics himself or herself. If a math teacher does not enjoy mathematics then how can he or she create enjoyment for students? For an example of a poor trainer: Abrar he was a student of a class V. He is average in mathematics. His mother was fed up with math teachers. She did not know how to improve her son’s mathematics. During her discussion the math teacher reveled that she is a history graduate entrusted with the responsibilities of leaching mathematics. She does not like teaching mathematics.


  • Amendment of Class Schedule: Due to the political crisis most of the times we face changing the class schedule. In this respect student is getting boar and losing their interest doing aloha mental math such consequence may face dropout.


  • Dropout: Dropout is one of the most common problems to run the dealing in Bangladesh. Usually 10% is normal shape of dropout from any sessions. But currently we see 30% even 40% also dropout from the sessions. There are many reasons for dropout. Firstly, students do not practice properly or not to practice at all. Secondly, student think that ones we have calculate what is point of doing by abacus.


  • Changes of a Respective Teacher: Sometimes teacher take a leave due to certain issues this is normal activities of an any organization. But in aloha if a teacher gets a leave for certain period students think that respective teacher leaves from the session. In connection, students do not feel comfortable doing aloha methods as a result students getting gradually dropout from the session.


  • Franchise Royalty Structure of ALOHA: At present Aloha Bangladesh royalty structure are quite high. The network partners expect to change structure a fair and reasonable franchise royalty system. This also a major barrier to expand more Aloha center nationwide.


  • School Teacher’s Attitude towards ALOHA Methods: Some academic school teachers reputedly saying ‘as pointless doing aloha methods” because of their ignorance towards abacus learning. They are uttering without finding any survey and or research. Students just like a clay they whatever teach they grab and or print in the mind. For such unexpected voice students get lost their enthusiasiasm to take part of these unique methods.


  • Does not go with Schools Math: Aloha curriculum does not peer with school math. Therefore, most of students and parents do not pay attention to enroll this program.


  • Unavailability of Good Teacher: In practical scenario to find a good teacher is almost difficult task. In aloha management requires a teacher who does possess a motherly love towards a students and show pointing service to the parent’s community. Aloha management think that abacus education is an extra curriculum therefore, an extra curriculum requires extra performing teaching body.


8.3 Prospect of ALOHA Bangladesh

In my understanding the prospect of Aloha is very bright. In district level many individuals shown interests to set Aloha concept in their respective territory. Some more applications are pending with Aloha Bangladesh for opening of new branches. Aloha has already 44 branches throughout the country. In Dhaka aloha has 30 branches and out of Dhaka 14 branches. There should be vigorous campaign throughout the country to make the people aware of the utility and prospect of Aloha. Bangladesh is a densely populated country and thus have much more potential to create a market in our soil. Therefore, the prospect of Aloha is very high margin in our country. If the following measure can be adopted.

8.3.1 Service Quality

First of all, there is no alternative of quality service rendering entity must provide quick service to the customer. In order to ensure continuity such corporation must pay adequate attention on their quality of service.

8.3.2    Math Competition

Aloha Bangladesh have every year National and International Competition where Aloha have an opportunity to scatter themselves towards the nation and well as international boundary. By introducing this competition Aloha Bangladesh achieve highest degree of royalty from the parents as well as intellectual individual throughout the country.



8.3.3    Acceptability to the Parents Community

Gradually Abacus learning are accepting to the parent’s community bases on their kid’s performance at home and school. Students can calculate fester then before. Memorization power also enhanced. This also a great success of ALOHA Bangladesh.

8.3.4    Abacus Learning Can Become an Industry

Abacus learning can become an industry since its achievement formation.

8.3.5    Employment Generation

In Bangladesh it is almost new concept. It may create an employment opportunity for the graduate fresher’s.


  1. Findings, Recommendations and Conclusion

9.1 Findings

  • Low Growth Rate: Low growth rate of enrollment of students. They are not interested to get admitted for this course.
  • Unwillingness of Parents: Unwillingness of parents to allow to their kids to introduce ALOHA methods. The Aloha methods are very interesting for students but parents are not allowed them to introduce it.
  • match with Academic Math: Does not match with academic math, it’s an another problem to unwillingness to get admission of the students.
  • Infrastructural problem: Infrastructural problem is one of the acute problem, most of the Aloha centers are running in the rental building. To provide Aloha knowledge it is must needed nice environment.
  • Insufficient Advantages: There are insufficient advantages for poor but meritorious students.
  • Quality Teachers: Lack of quality teachers it is hampering to provide proper education. In Bangladesh we have available candidates but due to proper understanding about Aloha the candidates are not interested to join as a respectful teacher of this international organization.
  • Accurate Subject Knowledge: Teachers are needed accurate subject knowledge. This knowledge is necessary for the students and teachers both but couldn’t find it properly among them.
  • Mentalities: Mentalities of teaching math is required but the nation is not getting it in robustness way, it’s a serious problem at this moment.

 9.2 Recommendations

The following recommendations are made from the study:

  • It should be created a strong relationship with network partners.
  • Aloha should improve of proper skill.
  • It may remove professional obstacles.
  • It could be set up individual human resources management.
  • Must be coordinated with all branches around the country to find out its problems and prospects.
  • It should be given reward based on performance.
  • Needs to develop long term relationship with key parties.
  • ALOHA Bangladesh has some limitation but if they follow the proper policy concept then they can achieve the ultimate goals.
  • ALOHA Bangladesh should provide training related job.
  • Today’s business world moving very fast by the digital revolution. The impact of digital revolution of ALOHA can implementation data based financing and MIS.
  • Allow employees to participate decision making process that affect them increased more productivity and commitment to work.

9.3 Conclusion

Abacus education is the demand of the era. There are no alternative of a quality education for the development of the students of our nation. So recommendations are submitted which depend on the result by analyzing the collective data and information of the research on “Abacus Learning of Higher Arithmetic operation in Bangladesh: Problem and Prospect”. If the management implement these submitted recommendations our nation will be educated by quality education. And the nation can reach the target of desired development.

By the end of this study I have been able to understand that Aloha house of abacus education has been doing its activities under the particular law and order. Aloha has started its journey for the last 12 years having faced some problem and complexities in the field of abacus education. Yet, it is running its all activities in full swing.

After doing this study on operations and its problems and prospects of Aloha, I have been experienced of different circumstances faced by an organization. However according to my study if an organization does not follow text, then an organization structure the member of directors should make a forum so that all the directors can have some mind on the organization issue.

Aloha has reached in the break- even but in outside of the Dhaka aloha has to give subsidiary to its all centers, otherwise it will be closed. That is why Aloha should offer more market and promotion activities.

Recently, one of the company introduces abacus learning in Bangladesh but it could not play a significant role to evaluate our kids, but Aloha should keep in mind that there will be an aggressive fellow come to our market in due course. Therefore, Aloha should take more skillful strategic decision in different department of finance, accounting, marketing as well as HRM.



Aloha Newsletter

Mental Math journal published by Aloha Bangladesh.

Aloha International website

Aloha Bangladesh website

Aloha Leaflet

Thomas Edwin’s research on “Brain power”.





Appendix -A

About the founder of ALOHA
Place of birth : Ipoh (Malaysia)
Native : China
Education : Malaysia
Abacus Association of Zhejiang (China) : Committee member Overseas committee head
MAMAA (Malaysia Abacus Mental Arithmetic Association) : Secretary, since 1997
Abacus Association of Quzhou, China : Committee member
Hobbies : Reading, Internet, Badminton.
Mission : Strive to equip children with this unique program to sharpen their mental skills.
Ambition : To ensure its success and implement it in every part of the world. Got trained at Abacus Association of Zhejiang (China)


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